Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Iris Jewel Box

I just finished this Iris Jewel Box. I was in search of something to finish so I could create a raised relief using Wood Icing™,Textura Paste and then painting over it with Chalk Paint®. I found this jewel box that has sat around for years, in fact I am not even sure if I still have the hinges and the drawer pulls anymore. Not to worry, I will come up with something. 
As you can see I didn't think to take the before shot until after I had applied the Iris design with the Textura Paste. Better late then never, I suppose.
I am in love the Chalk Paint® decorative paint color Emperor's Silk  but was unsure of what the second color should be with it. Heather had suggested the Olive Green, but I wasn't so sure I liked it.
But when my husband saw it and went nuts over the colors. (In his words "Those color's are crazy good together".) Suddenly, I had a whole new perspective of this color combo. Funny how that works isn't it? Hope you like it too.