Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Iris Jewel Box

I just finished this Iris Jewel Box. I was in search of something to finish so I could create a raised relief using Wood Icing™,Textura Paste and then painting over it with Chalk Paint®. I found this jewel box that has sat around for years, in fact I am not even sure if I still have the hinges and the drawer pulls anymore. Not to worry, I will come up with something. 
As you can see I didn't think to take the before shot until after I had applied the Iris design with the Textura Paste. Better late then never, I suppose.
I am in love the Chalk Paint® decorative paint color Emperor's Silk  but was unsure of what the second color should be with it. Heather had suggested the Olive Green, but I wasn't so sure I liked it.
But when my husband saw it and went nuts over the colors. (In his words "Those color's are crazy good together".) Suddenly, I had a whole new perspective of this color combo. Funny how that works isn't it? Hope you like it too.


  1. It is funny how that works! It looks really great. Love it.

  2. I love it, it is even better in person!

  3. Awesome! I remember it when it was red. Very cool!

  4. Have come to you via Annie Sloan FB page. Interesting product. I like the combination here of the red and green, delightful.