Saturday, April 28, 2012

Barrister Bookcase Makeover

I just refinished this yesterday and couldn't wait to post the pictures. I found this barrister bookcase at a flea market last summer. I had so many opinions on whether or not I should do anything other than clean it up and leave it as is.  So, it has been sitting in my studio and holding all my opened cans of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint TM.  After much consternation I decided I could not live with it so plain any longer. Here is the"Before"

Here I have already applied my "Frilly Leaf" silhouette stencils with craft adhesive.  These stencils were designed exclusively for Wood Icing (TM)  by Victoria Larsens.  I am using my test stencils here, but we will have them available for sale very soon. These are free form stencils, so you can build your own designs.  

Here I am applying Wood Icing Fissure Size over the stencils to create cracks in the
Chalk Paint® decorative paint. I apply this in a random/crosshatch with a brush.  Then I allow it to dry completely.  This may take about an hour.  Depending on the humidity. A fan will help speed things along.

Once the Fissure Size is dry to touch, I start painting over the stencils with Chalk Paint® decorative paint color Antibes Green. The paint begins to crack as it dries.
My goal here was to create a vintage looking finish and allow the wood grain to show through the design.  When people see this in the store they are  confused and amazed with this design.  It is so fun to see them struggle to figure it out. 

Here is the finished piece.  I skipped the clear wax and went straight to the Annie Sloan Dark Soft Wax because I really wanted this to look vintage.  It shows a much brighter green in this picture, but I love it now! 

I am thinking I will use it in the showroom to hold the DIY, Faux Finish and of course the
Annie Sloan project books we sell at the Wood Icing™ Gallery.

Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Spring! Tulips!

I think I was inspired by the beautiful spring weather we have been having lately! So these big tulips were calling me for this project.
I found this cute little desk at a flea market over in Illinois while on a little picking trip with my friend Peggy Wade. It had just been refinished and still smelled like varnish. I felt a tiny bit guilty because I knew it had been a total waste of his time, since I was going to paint it with
Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.

Step One:
As usual I got so excited to get started I forgot to take a "Before"
but here you can see I painted the first layer with Barcelona Orange.
Step Two: Second layer was Old White
Step Three: I cut up a poster of Tulips that I have had around for a couple of years. I was just waiting for this desk to show up to use it.
Step Four: I did the distressing without the wax so I could glue the flowers on afterward. Then you can see that I used the amazing Annie Sloan Craqueluer only over the flowers. It is a two step product, but ohhh so easy to use and it dries really fast. First you apply the Step One and allow it to dry, which takes about 10 minutes, tops. Then apply the Step Two and dry with a hair dryer. It cracks immediately.
Step Five: Then I went over the topof the Craqueleur with the Annie Sloan Dark Wax to accentuate the cracks better. Done! Took me about 30 minutes, from start to finish to do the cracked finish over the flowers.
Step Six: I clear waxed the whole thing. Then I mixed 50/50 clear and dark wax for the second coat of wax. I did wipe back with clear wax to take some of the dark wax off in some areas.
Step Seven: It was a pretty thick poster so I tried to thin the edges down with sand paper, but that didn't work as good as I had hoped it would, so to keep the edges of the tulips from coming unglued, I used a thick coating of Old White to seal the edges down.

Then I cracked over that with the Annie Sloan Craqueluer.
Here is the finished project all sides:


Close up of the top:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fly Fishing Boxes

I just had to share these adorable little fly fishing boxes my friend Cynthia Winegarden sent me. She did this with Wood Icing Textura Paste and used our Reptile Fabric to creat the snake skin finish, then she pressed these cute little pewter fish into the paste while it was wet.
I am in love with these! They would make a nice little gift for that guy who has everything. If not for fly lures I wonder if cigars would fit??
My mind is racing for things to use these for, since men are so hard to find gifts for. At least things they would really appreciate having as a gift.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wood Icing Make Overs

Well it seems that since Annie Sloan has hit the scene, there have been a few Wood Icing projects getting makeovers. In the past most of my finishes involved very little paint and a lot of glazing and staining. Now that I have found this amazing product "Annie Sloan Chalk Paint", I can't seem to stop looking for things to paint!
As an example of this I am going to show you this entertainment center that I resurfaced with Wood Icing about 5 or 6 years ago. Maybe more??
Nonetheless, it has been around quite some time and we loved it for a long while. But my son Kevin and daughter-in-law Yasmeen wanted to get us into this century and were so sweet to gave us a flat screen TV for Christmas. Of course, it didn't fit this entertainment center, but as my 12 yr old grandson Max said "Grammy will just see this as an opportunity to create something else for this space". He knows me so well. LOL
We were going to let it go on Craig's List or something, but as luck would have it, two of our Annie Sloan shelves in the Wood Icing Studio Gallery collapsed under the weight of the cans. So off it went to the studio for a makeover.
Here you see I painted the crown and outside with Old White.
Yes, I am using a sponge roller. I wanted a fairly smooth finish with very little texture on the flat surfaces.
Here is a close up of the Wood Icing raised leaf design which has been done with Wood Icing using a Royal Design Studio stencil that was already on the previous finish , which I painted in Old White.
As you can see it is nice but kind of boring without a little accent color. So of course I pulled out my Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax and Dark Soft Wax.
I first applied a thin coat of Clear Soft Wax then followed with a mixture of 50/50 Clear Soft Wax and Dark Soft Wax.
Then I went back with some Clear Wax and wipe back the high spots in order to highlight the leaf design and textured background.
Here is a close up of the finished crown before it's installation.
Here is a shot of it after I painted and waxed the inside of the shelves Graphite, which I am in love with. Look for more Graphite projects.
All done and ready to go. Filled with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!
Next project....????