Monday, April 16, 2018

Anthropologie Table Top Hack

Before the Hack

Anthropologie Original 
Embossed Meridian Coffee Table $798

After the Hack

Where to start

Paint the entire top with the black paint and allow that to dry. Tape off the sections with blue painters tape.  Mark every other section with a piece of tape in order to keep straight on where to apply the Textura Paste next.
Apply the stamped and raised design in every other section, which allows the Textura Paste to dry enough to apply the next section with out disturbing the design.  By the time you go back to do the remaining sections the first sections will have set up enough to work right next to them with out messing up the stamped design.

     Spread the Textura Paste with our Offset Knife.  

Spray the paste with a fine mist of water.

Spraying the Textura Paste prior to pressing in the clear stamp prevents the paste from coming off when you lift off the stamp.  
I pressed two rows of the stamp for my border design.

After I have my border stamped all the way around, I begin placing the Stencil at each section and spread the Textura Paste over the top Immediately lift the stencil off.  As you can see, I only used half of the round stencil.

Allow this to dry completely.  I normally allow my Textura Paste dry overnight, so it can be sanded and painted without doing any damage to the design.  Textura is extremely durable once it is allowed to dry completely. 

 Use 100 grit sandpaper or sanding block to smooth over the lumps   or bumps and to remove any loose particles. 

After sanding, paint the raised design with Modern Masters Metallic Collection Acrylic Water Based Olympic Gold.

After the gold paint is dry apply the "Licorice"
Wood Icing®  Furniture Glazing Color 

Wipe away the excess Licorice Glazing Color to highlight the gold and allow the dark glaze to fall into the crevasses which will give more definition to the raised pattern.

If you feel the Licorice Glaze is still too dark then go back with a light application of the gold paint and dry brush over the top of the design to give even  more definition.

                                         The Final Finish 
  How did we do?

Supply List:
Royal Design Studio Amira Ornament Craft Stencil 
Wood Icing Off Set Knife
Wood Icing Textura Paste 
Blue Painters Tape
100 Grit sand paper or sanding block
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Graphite 
or any brand of black paint (Prep may be required)
Modern Master's Gold Metallic Paint Collection
Wood Icing Top Coat Poly-Acrylic Satin 

*Amount of Textura Paste used for this project. We used one 8 oz container for this table with zero left.  We recommend ordering a little extra for practice.  

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  1. Wow Rose, you nailed that hack. But more importantly, the end result is stunning!

  2. Me estoy quedando admirada por sus trabajos, muy alegre por descubrir su maravilloso blog. Un saludo

  3. The Design, OMG! I am loving it. Just Gorgeous