Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Inlaid Beaded Edging with a Fresco Finish

 Fresco Finish with a "Faux" Beaded Edge

This is the "Before" cabinet.  I was not happy with the louvered doors so I created a raised panel with a beaded edge. Read further to learn how this was done.

Base Coat with a bonding gray paint .

I removed the doors and painted the inside of the cabinet white.

For the table top, apply a generous coating of a bonding gray paint. 

Before the paint drys, roll a textured roller across the top to create a textured finish.  The roller will pull off the paint leaving the design. Allow this layer to dry.

As you can see I was not exactly careful with this design.  You can choose to be "Free Form" or more "Precise" with your designs when using these rollers.  The are incredibly fun to easy to use. 

I did not want the louvered doors for the front of this cabinet. 
So we cut out two panels to cover the louvers.  

We glued down the panels with contact cement. 

We set the panels in place, then weighed them down with some heavy objects on top to secure a good adhesion.  We let this dry overnight.

To create the beaded border, place tape 1/4 inch away from the edge of the panelWe also drilled a hole in the middle of the panel to attach a door pull.  We felt this would help to secure the door panel. 
Close up of the 1/4" border for the panels

These inexpensive plastic beads are what I use for the "Faux" Beaded Edging of the cabinet doors. can be purchased at any hobby or craft store.  they come in various sized beads and length.  
I found these at Hobby Lobby in the craft section for doll making.

Place a line of Wood Icing - Textura Paste on the edge of the panels.  Wet your fingers in water to smooth the paste over.

Press the plastic pearls into the line of Textura Paste. 

 Smooth a fingertip of Textura over the top of the pearls so they are secured into the Textura Paste.

Remove the tape immediately, before the Textura Paste has a chance to dry. If you wait too long to remove the tape it could cause the Textura Paste to crumble along the edge.   

*But, if you do wait too long to remove the tape, then allow the Textura Paste to dry completely before you remove the tape.  It will be easier to achieve a clean edge.  

 Randomly apply sections or blobs of Textura Paste to the framed edges of the cabinet doors. Do one section at a time.

While the Textura Paste is still wet, roll a wet textured roller into the paste. The roller will work best if it is wet, just spray water onto the roller before rolling across the paste. which prevents the Textura Paste from lifting off with the roller. 

*This will not be a perfect application due to the size of the frame and roller being used. However, the bits of texture, created with the roller, works very will with this finish. 

Allow the Textura Paste to dry thoroughly.  Overnight is best, but if pressed for time it can be dried with a fan or hair dryer.
Once dry, sand over the top to remove lumps, bumps and loose particles.

Once the cabinet doors have dried and have been sanded over, remove the dust and paint the entire surface with gray paint.

Once the paint was dry, I decoupaged colorful napkins all around the bottom half, including the cabinet doors.

Once again, apply sections or blobs of the Textura Paste over the painted and decoupaged areas. Drag and smooth over these random blobs with the offset knife to thin down and spread out the paste evenly. Work quickly and work a section at a time.

While the Textura Paste is still wet, immediately roll the "wet" textured roller across the top of the paste for a random design. 
It may be necessary to rinse the Textura Paste off the roller occasionally.  I keep a bucket of water close by when doing this.

Allow the textured design to dry completely.  Once dry, sand over the top of the texture to remove any lumps bumps or loose particles.  Remove the dust.

Apply our Wood Icing® Furniture Glazing Color, Tree Bark over the tabletop.  Immediately remove the glaze with a soft rag.  
If the glaze dries too fast or will not move for you, use a wet rag.

Immediately remove the "Tree Bark" color, glaze with a soft rag. 

If the glaze dries too fast or will not move for you, use a wet rag. Or, for a longer open time, you can use our Clear, 
Wood Icing® Furniture Glaze to remove the dark glaze coloring.
Just brush a small amount of the clear glaze over the top and the dark color will begin to work up again so you can manipulate 
how dark you want the glaze to be or how much you want to wipe back off.

Apply the Wood Icing Furniture Glazing Color "Tree Bark".

Immediately apply color remove with a soft rag.  
Do one side at a time.

Apply and remove the Furniture Glazing Color to the painted bottom of the cabinet to create a distressed aged effect.

Once the Glazing color has been wiped back and is dry. Apply a small amount of gray paint on a paper plate. Dip the tip of your brush into the paint, then offload most of the paint by wiping with a paper towel.  Dry Brush over the top of the textured surface, which will leave bits of Paris Grey on the top surface to accent the textured design.

Close ups of the finished cabinet door.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.
Rose Wilde of Wood Icing Company. 

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properties.  Flat or Semi-Flat .

Decorative Art Rollers

Soft clean rags
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Thank You! for reading my blog.

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