Friday, April 27, 2018

Pretty In Pink Wardrobe


Door Pulls

This is Where We Started
I drove into the parking lot of our store one morning and there this beauty was just glowing in the morning sun. I wish I knew the contact info for the guy that dropped it off so I could show him how cute this turned out. 
I think this would be adorable for a little princess room. In fact, if my five year old grand daughter had the space in her room, I would give it to her for storing all those cute little princess dresses she loves to wear.  

I knew right away this was going to be perfect for these adorable shoes as the door pulls.  I have been saving them for just the right piece of furniture.  They are actually Christmas ornaments I had picked up at the World Market a few years ago.  They are made of some kind of composite.  We just drilled a hole right through the bottom of the soles. 

Here are the steps for this finish.
I sanded and primed with a bonding primer. Any good bonding primer will work. What ever you use should have a dull finish or you can paint over the primer with a dull finish paint.  The Textura Paste is easier to use over a dull finish. It tends to slide away as you are spreading the paste on the shiny surfaces.  

First tape off the border with 1/4 inch tape.  This will make it 
easier to create a straight and clean edge, which will give a 
more professional finish. 

Trowel a thin coat of Textura Paste over, making sure you have good coverage.

 Immediately roll a damp long nap paint roller to create the texture. 

While the Textura Paste is still wet, remove the tape.

Allow this section to dry. The dry time could take one or two hours depending on the humidity.  You can speed the drying time up with a fan or a hair dryer. 

Begin applying the Periwinkle Stencil design on the frame and allow this to dry. 

After the Textura Paste has dried, use the knife to slice through the spaces between the joints.  It is best to do this while the Textura Paste is still wet.

If you can get a piece of sandpaper in between the cracks then sand it a bit to get a smooth straight edge. 

These details are what will set your work apart from the amateurs.  

A closer look at how much better it looks to clean up the edges.  

However, if your piece does not have a separation at the joints then you may not need to be concerned about this. 

Each piece will present a situation that will require a little thought and ingenuity.

Sand the Textura Paste in the center panels and remove the dust.

Add the Buttercup Stencil to the center panels.

Allow these to dry.  Sand, then paint.  You may want to allow the Textura Paste to dry overnight if you have the time.  Less chance of making the raised relief too soft with the wet paint. 

We painted with Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint, Arabesque Color.
I mixed 2 parts color, 2 parts water and 1 part Bonding Agent.
Once the pink was dry.  I dry brushed over the pink with Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint, Farm House White to bring out the texture. 

Here is a close up with the details. 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.  I hope to always bring finishes to you with our Wood Icing product that will inspire you.  
I hope you will find it will take your finishes to the next level.  
For sure, it can be intimidating until you take the leap and give it a try.  Even if it is to add a little embellishment to your piece, such as a drawer front or a little texture here and there. Just get your feet wet with a box or picture frame.  I promise, you will be addicted in no time.  
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Rose Wilde

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