Thursday, March 12, 2015

Get A Stone Effect Using Wood Icing®, Artisan Enhancements And A Royal Design Studio Stencil!

 We are sharing a post by Debbie Dion Hayes from her blog

{Although this post is sponsored by Wood Icing™, the idea, experimentation, and comments are my own.}

Wood Icing/ Artisan Enhancements/ Royal Design frame 
Are you always looking for these two things: a cool new furniture finish AND another picture frame to showcase your evolving family, friends and accomplishments? Me too!

You may know that I have the unique opportunity to work with several wonderful DIY products. Yes, I admit it, it’s a little slice of creative heaven for me.

Rose Wilde, co-owner of Wood Icing Co. had a great idea for a stone finish – let’s try some Artisan Enhancements Fine Stone on top of Wood Icing products to get the look of stone. So naturally I added a perfect Royal Design Studio stencil to enhance it all on this flat picture frame I unearthed in my clutter of “great stuff to use for blog posts.”


Wood Icing/ Artisan Enhancements/ Royal Design frame

FROM WOOD ICING Licorice & Tree Bark Furniture Glazing Colors, offset palette knife, Graphite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan



OTHER ITEMS rags, paint brushes, painters tape, sand paper

Wood Icing/ Artisan Enhancements/ Royal Design frame 
Paint one coat of Graphite Chalk Paint® and let dry. Knock off any points with sandpaper if needed.

Lay the stencil over the frame in a pleasing position. Tape if you like. I chose an off-center placement since this is a frame and I wanted the look a bit artsy.

Put some Textura Paste on your palette knife or color shaper tool and pull it over the stencil openings. When the entire frame is covered, level out the paste. Let dry about 15 minutes. 
Brush on one coat of Graphite and let dry.

Stipple or pounce a coat of Fine Stone on the entire surface of the frame and let dry. Due to the base coat of Graphite you will see some mottling of color. Sand the tops of the design to expose some of the white Sand Stone.

Brush on one coat of Graphite and let dry.
Brush on a wash of Tree Bark Glaze. Let dry. Brush on a coat of Licorice. Before the Licorice drys, wipe the surface with a rag to expose some texture and pattern. When you like the effect, let dry for an hour.

Brush on one or two coats of Dull PolyAcrylic. Let dry.

Wood Icing|Artisan Enhancements|Royal Design Studio picture frame project 
 Fill with a favorite photo or momento. I left off the glass and found this old script in French on which I printed on soft brown card stock. Find it here.


Wood Icing|Artisan Enhancements|Royal Design Studio picture frame project
 Time to enjoy! Lacey Jane just woke up and she insists that I use her photo in the frame. Who can resist those eyes?


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