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Use Wood Icing™, A Stencil And Silver Leaf To Create This Industrial Lace Canvas Art

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Industrial Lace Canvas Art

{Although this post is sponsored by Wood Icing™, the idea, experimentation, and comments are my own.}

Are you a fan of the industrial look? Do you love lace? Let’s put the two together and create this metal-look patterned artwork with lots of depth. It almost looks like a chunk of heavy solid embossed steel! My favorite thing to do with artwork it to layer it with other pieces. Everywhere. This pretty vignette is on my dresser.

Can you just imagine an entire wall of these in several metal finishes. Love it!

My inspiration pieces for this project were my treasured Moroccan bracelet and perfume bottles, purchased on an artsy trip to Marrakech. I’ve been studying them for ages and it finally came to me that Wood Icing™, a stencil, silver leaf and some glaze would be perfect to recreate the look.

Let’s do it! Normally I recommend inviting kiddos of all ages join in on projects, but since the silver leaf tends to billow everywhere, I can only imagine little fingers putting the pretty things in their mouths. So this time, older children only, please.

Industrial Lace Canvas Art 


Industrial lace canvas art

• Any size gallery wrap canvas with a wide edge. Mine is from Michaels

FROM WOOD ICING™ Textura Paste, off-set knife, Furniture Glaze in Licorice, Satin PolyAcrylic Top Coat, Graphite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

FROM ROYAL DESIGN STUDIO Small Fleur de Lace stencil, or any stencil

• Any Leaf Size product like Wunda Size, imitation silver leaf in sheets or pieces called shaibin. All are available from Michaels or from online sources

• brush, foam brush, cheap throw-away brush for leaf size, 220-grit sandpaper, rags, wax paper
Industrial Lace Canvas Art
STEP ONE above
Paint two coats of Graphite Chalk Paint® and let dry.
Lay the stencil in a pleasing position over the canvas. Tape in position if possible. If not, hold in place with one hand. Using the off-set knife, “butter” some Texture Paste over the stencil pattern, taking care not to push it under the stencil. When the pattern is complete, carefully peel off the stencil and wash it. Let the paste dry for about 10 minutes or so. If you need to reposition the stencil to complete the pattern, just find the design edge and add more Textura Paste. Sand lightly.
Industrial Lace Canvas Art
Wipe after sanding. Paint one coat of Graphite and let dry.
Brush on a THIN coat of leaf size. More in this case is not better. Let come to tack for 10 or 15 minutes. My photo shows too much size so you can see it. Definitely wipe away puddles of size.
Industrial lace canvas art
Lay the leaf sheets or broken leaf pieces over the canvas and press down with your fingers. Use a soft brush to push the leaf into all of the crevasses until the entire canvas, including the edges are covered. If you missed a spot when applying the size, just add some more, let come to tack and add leaf. When finished, grab the dust buster or vacuum and get rid of all of the little bits of silver leaf.
Brush on some Licorice Furniture Glaze and gently wipe off the excess with a rag. Pull a foam brush over the top in all directions to remove more glaze until you like the look. Do the sides as well. 
Let dry.
Brush on Wood Icing™ PolyAcrylic Top Coat, following directions.
Add hanging hardware, or simply prop in a niche, in a bookcase, on the mantel or on your dresser to show off artwork, special jewelry pieces and pottery like I did.
Industrial lace canvas art
{Disclosure: This is a paid featured post in conjunction with Wood Icing™. All opinions, projects, and ideas are based on my own experience.}

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