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Create This Lovely Fabric-Like Cabinet Finish Using Wood Icing™, Chalk Paint® And A Stencil!

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Cabinet finish using Wood Icing™ Textura Paste and Chalk Paint® 

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Last week I spent three wonderful fall days wandering the High Point Market. It’s where buyers and interior designers go twice yearly to buy for their stores and clients. You can imagine the eye candy is over the top, and I get ideas faster than I can remember them. I did leave with the plan to create a furniture finish using Wood Icing® Textura Paste that is lightly textured, washed and soft gold and grey.

Yes, like pretty fabric, with a gorgeous glass pull that is similar to the pattern.


What do you think? This is easy, fast and can be created in any colors that work well with soft gold, because I actually used the Wood Icing™ Textura Paste color as part of the finish.


Wood Icing cabinet finish supplies, including Textura Paste, Chalk Paint® and a stencil

• cabinet door for a sample, or a furniture item
• FROM WOOD ICING.COM: Textura Paste, Paris Grey & Pure White Chalk Paint®, and Clear Soft Wax
• stencil, mine is from
• brush, rags, cheesecloth or lint-free wiping cloth


Cabinet finish using Wood Icing™ Textura Paste and Chalk Paint®

I used a cabinet door I found at Habitat for Humanity for $1. Lacey Jane the kitty helper insisted upon assisting. I lightly sanded the door and wiped it off because it was shiny. Then I brushed on one coat of Paris Grey and let it dry.

I cut my stencil edges off, in order for it to fit inside the panel more easily. I put it in various positions that I liked, and simply used my finger to push a bit of Textura Paste through the stencil. It dries quickly.


Wood Icing™ cabinet finish using Textura Paste, a stencil and Chalk Paint®

Brush on a thin layer of Pure White, in random strokes so it’s not too perfect. Let dry. Use a wet rag to pull of areas of the pattern until you like the look. Let dry.

Use cheesecloth to wipe on one layer of Clear Soft Wax. Wait a few minutes and wipe off all excess. Buff to a soft sheen. If this is a piece of furniture, wait a day and add another coat of Clear Wax.

Pretty isn’t it!

Textura Paste cabinet door finish using a stencil and Chalk Paint® 

{Disclosure: This is a paid featured post in conjunction with Wood Icing™. All opinions, projects, and ideas are based on my own experience.}

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