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Falling For This Seasonal Candle Holder Made With Wood Icing™ Textura Paste And A Glass Vase!

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Photo of Wood Icing™ glass candleholder project
{Although this post is sponsored by Wood Icing™, the idea and comments are my own.}
It’s finally fall! What a relief from our ultra-steamy heat and humidity here in North Carolina! Over the weekend I planted pansies and mums and added gorgeous funky non-traditional pumpkins, so my mind is on fall decorating. But you probably know that I am not a passionate, overly crazy seasonal decorator. A few carefully chosen accessories and I am happily DONE.

So, while I am thinking fall leading up to Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), my mind is conjuring up ideas for using Wood Icing™ products in new, inexpensive, easy and fun ways. One item I do enjoy using daily is a candle. And with three very fuzzy rescue kitties, a must in our home is a glass container.

Let me tell you a quick, crazy story. Years ago, our sweet kitty Lacey Jane jumped over an open flame candle and, yes, caught on fire. When she jumped down, she literally put herself out and sustained only a bit of singed fur. A heart-stopping moment for her, me and Steve! We had only had her for a week and one of her nine lives was already gone!

That candle was way up on top of the television cabinet, but in a goofy feline moment she jumped to the speakers, then on top of the cabinet.

That said, let’s use a dollar store vase to make a glass candle holder that we can use for the entire fall season. Safe for pets and kiddos.


Photo of Wood Icing™ glass candleholder supplies

• One or more glass vases and an equal number of candles. My vase is about 4″ wide and I suggest that yours be at least as wide to keep the Textura Paste from cracking from the candle heat. (And, as always, never leave a candle unattended.)
Wood Icing™ Textura Paste, Baby’s Breath stencil and Furniture Glazes in Mud Pie and Rusty Nails Furniture Glazing Color. (For the stencil, call Wood Icing to order at 1-866-966-3423)
• brushes, tape and rags


Photo of Textura Paste and stencil with glass candleholder

Tape the stencil in place on the vase and using a vertical motion, “butter” on some Textura Paste. Hold the stencil details down with a finger as you go. Complete the entire piece and let dry completely. It may take 30 to 45 minutes.

Photo of Textura Paste drying on vase

When dry, gently sand off the peaks.


Photo of glazing glass vase

Brush on some Rusty Nails glaze, wipe back with a rag and let dry. Then brush on some Mud Pie and let dry.

Photo of Wood Icing™ candleholder finished project


I like the crusty, rustic color and texture that can take this candle holder from dinner to Halloween to the Thanksgiving table with ease. It truly glows. I chose not to seal this project because it won’t get handled much, but if you are concerned that yours needs protection, just add a coat of Wood Icing™ Dull Polyacrylic sealer.

If you like texture, don’t miss my previous post on creating a tree bark-look finish here.

{Disclosure: This is a paid featured post in conjunction with Wood Icing™. All opinions, projects, and ideas are based on my own experience.}

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