Monday, June 10, 2013

400 Mile Sale (Across Kentucky)

I was invited to work June 6-9, 2013 on the 400 Mile Sale, with my friend Donna.  Our mission would be to drive along Hwy 68 from Paducah, Kentucky to Lebanon, Kentucky then back to St Louis, Mo. 
Along the way we were to introduce ourselves to as many vendors as possible, in order to ask them to update their info for the 400 Mile Sale data base, to ensure they will receive the necessary emails and updates for next year’s sale.   Our other mission was to take pictures along the way for the Face Book page of the 400 Mile Sale.
Here is my friend Donna, she takes her job very seriously
making sure every vendor updates their records for the 400 Mile Sale.

Wednesday night we stayed overnight with her cousin Debbie Spencer who is the amazing lady that created this event, 10 years ago. She is also President of WMTH Corporation, which stands for “We Make things Happen”   Whew, and does she ever!
I cannot believe the energy this girl has and what she is capable of getting done in one day.  I was exhausted when I got home late Saturday night.  But I have to say, I had a blast driving around with my good friend Donna, meeting some of the most awesome people of Kentucky and enjoying the incredible views along the way.  Not to mention all the goodies we picked up and threw into our SUV  I will be sharing pictures of my loot once it arrives here in St Louis.  We filled Donna’s SUV one and half times and had to have some of it brought up in a separate vehicle.  Thanks to Debbie’s parents for doing that for us.
The People and their stuff we enjoyed along the way.
Our very first stop was where I saw these little guys having a baker’s convention. Are they adorable or what?

This is what I love about these kinds of sales.  They have everything from chairs and bath tubs, to cars and tractors.
This was an amazing place, but unfortunately nothing was for sale on the walls. The owner was nice enough to open the doors for visitors to see his personal collection. Gosh, that was torture to see it and not be able to buy it. But I was strong and refrained from begging.
This required a u-turn so we could jump out and take photos. It sits in front of a “Collision Specialist” and Wrights body repair shop.

My first  encounter early Thursday morning  was this sweet happy lady named Judy.  I bought a wooden box from her,  which  if you know me you already know this is my most favorite thing to buy at flea markets and resale shops.  I love using these for creating textured and designs with my Wood Icing™  products.  Who would not love receiving a beautiful gift box?
More people we met along the way.
Hunkering down during the rain. They were warm, dry and happy.

Updating the data base with the vendors info was the mission but meeting all these amazing people and hearing their stories was the fun part.
We saw lots of toys for the collectors and the kids to scarf up on.
A spinning wheel!  I think it was real.
This beautiful home was being demolished due to old age and neglect.  The family told me the sad story about the owner that had passed away and they were unable to salvage it from disrepair. Made me so sad to hear that. 
The colored glassware is so  lovely the way this vendor has it displayed 
Sometimes the displays were beautifully set up …

    and sometimes they were set up in a hurry.
Here is the Dish on these two ladies at “The Dish House”

They share a common interest of collecting and selling dishes and they came together for the 400 mile sale.  They lady on the right owns this cute little shop along hwy 68 and the lady on the left has her place a few miles away.  We fell in love with this little shop and these two ladies.  Between the two of them I doubt there would be any question we could have asked about dishes and glassware they could not have answered.  Here are a few shots of this adorable little cottage full of dishes. 

She even had her flower beds lined with broken or chipped dishes.  Adorable
While we were visiting this fire house this man told us the story behind this bed and how he had found it abandoned in a house with no doors or windows big enough to bring it in or to take it out.  If that wasn’t interesting enough, just  imagine the look on his face when that brazen Donna said to him  “get in bed with me for a picture”. You can see he was eventually persuaded by her charm.
This guy had a huge display of collectibles like knives, dolls and a myriad of items for sale.
How about a Flip Flop wreath?
Man Junk! This was a great place!
I bought a beautiful and huge Fleur De Lis made of rusty old iron from this very nice man.  I plan to hang it over my fireplace. 
Not sure why but there was something about this old Shell oil truck that made me very nostalgic.  I believe they said it was used at an airport in its past life.

Look at the reflection of this lady in that mirror.  Weird optical illusion.

This house and tobacco barn belongs to a member of the Kentucky Headhunters Band

Dare I admit I had no idea about this extremely popular band?  Apparently, I was the only one.  Even the guy driving the tour bus from Pittsburg, PA knew who they were and couldn't wait to find this place.  The two ladies that were there were so cute and fun. They had crowns on their heads and dressed up for the occasion They put smiles on everyone's face that entered the barn.  Unfortunately, Donna thought I took their picture and I thought she took it. Sorry ladies for the omission but thanks for being such a delight to visit.  
We met two tour buses full of wonderful folks.  One from West Virginia and one from Pittsburg, PA

This couple was so cute and happy to be counting their money from their sales.  The had the most beautiful farm I have ever seen.  I cannot imagine how the two of them manage it all.  

You can just imagine that this cutie pie never gets bothered by anyone with these three cool amigos for brothers to take care of her problems.

I think this lady had flowers that were flying out of her booth.  Gorgeous flowers and a nice lady.
Set up starts very early in the morning hours.  It must have been a “Hard Days Night” 
Cows, Cows and more cows.  This Ladies husband said this is not even the half of it.  She had only brought the ones she was willing to part with.  Check out that cow tent.
Hard to tell if those are real or silk flowers. Nonetheless,  I thought they were pretty.
This couple was selling lots of toys.
Sometimes, the hunt is what it is all about.

This sweet little boy was doing such a good job in keeping up with dad and making sure his little sister was safe.  They were headed to this horse and buggy to take off to the next batch a sales. We saw them more than once along our journey.  
Zebras everywhere in this booth.  Check out her shirt.  I think it was Zebra print too.
This family took this event very seriously  they had a complete staff at the ready to sell their wares. The little kids even  had jobs and t-shirts too, but hey were off playing in the pool when we were there, but we were told they pulled their weight as well.
  More stuff we saw along the way.
Had to take a shot of what we thought were Chalk Paint® decorative paint projects in this window. Went by after dinner in the town of Lebanon across the street at Stillman Restaurant, which by the way had the best house Cabernet EVER.  The steak was delish too. We took a picture of the label on our phones so we could find it in St Louis. I think the bartender thought we were a little coo-coo and maybe we were after that long day and our wine with dinner but we really, really loved that wine.  
We thought this might be another Chalk Paint® decorative paint  sighting in a restaurant/gift shop we stepped into along the way.
Lots of hand made projects for sale
Walking canes made with cue balls for a handle.
Donna got a great bargain on some old windows. 
I was a little tempted to buy this but at this point I was already a space hog in the SUV.
Something about this chair in this setting was so pretty to me.
I missed the shot I was going for with this very protective hen and her chicks. With just a “cluck” she ushered her babies away from me when I stepped too close. 
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you enjoyed the pics and the stories behind them from my amazing trip across the beautiful and friendly land of Kentucky.  I plan to take my husband back to see that beautiful countryside.  We were dating when he went to school in Louisville, Kentucky, but I think all we ever saw at that time was the interstate when we would make our long awaited trips back and forth to St Louis to see each other during his college years.  

Just a little crazy fact, from 1968 to 1970,  I would fly down via TWA to visit my then boyfriend and now husband from St Louis to Louisville on standby for a whopping $23 round trip.  It was during the Viet Nam war so a lot of military boys would be on standby too.  I would sometimes get bumped by them but most times not. Otherwise, the fare was a whopping $57 round trip.   I doubt that Donna and I made it to Paducah, Kentucky  for $23 in her  SUV.
Bye for now.
Rose Wilde

Wood Icing™  Company