Monday, February 27, 2012

It's All About the Stripes

Well it looks like I have flunked the art of blogging. I totally intended to post something of interest and often. But it looks like Christmas and the New Year got the better of me. So I am finally back to add that something of interest that I promised in a "How To" with Chalk Paint® decorative paints.

No Wood Icing™ involved in this one, I did this little project when the first shipment of Chalk Paint®  decorative paints arrived in my studio. And it isn't done yet, but it is so close to done I thought you might enjoy it anyway. I know I had fun playing with all those luscious colors. 

The first thing I did was to base coat the entire box with French Linen. I did this for consistency of the "fill in" between stripes. Then I laid out my color palette with the colors I thought would be complimentary to one another. Aubusson Blue, Arles, Emperor's Silk, Olive Green, Pure White, Scandinavian Pink and Versailles

The next step was to make a few marks using a ruler which would allow me to keep my lines straight.

I masked off just a couple of stripes with blue tape.

Not sure why but the first color I chose was Pure White. Perhaps, to keep myself from making it the dominate color.

As you can see here, I begin adding more colors randomly and making the stripes in various sizes.

At this point I continued to choose to paint the more subtle colors like Scandinavian Pink, Olive Green, and Abusson Blue. Still in fear that the brighter colors would dominate too much.

Finally, I get brave and start adding in the red Emperor's Silk, which is so gorgeous! By far my fav. I have it taped off so it comes out in random widths here and there.

I begin to pull the tape once the red is dry. The tape doesn't pull the color off in a film, like latex or acrylic will and it covers so well!. This is what is so cool about this product. It dries so rapidly and it covers so well there is no issue to do this all in one day or two. I love this product!

You can see here the randomness of my stripes. You can also see my uneven edges, which I had to go back and tape off to repair and make even. sorry I forgot to snap a picture of this process but I am sure you get the idea.

Apparently I must have gotten into the zone and forgot to snap anymore pictures at all. I have none of the additional stripes of Pure White and the beautiful "Arles" Golden Yellow color. Another fav of mine.
I assume you are wondering about the candle holder too...Well again., I got into the process and forgot to take pictures, but it's all the same. Just start taping and striping. It is quite "Zen like" to do.
Hope I have inspired you to try the amazing Chalk Paint® decorative paints. We carry all the colors, waxes and brushes at Wood Icing™