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Debbie Dion Hayes: A Rustic Vase Project Using Wood Icing™ and Chalk Paint®

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Want a fun, easy, almost-anything-goes project? Let’s have a blast delving into Rose Wilde’s cool Wood Icing™ products! Having a bit of a reputation for using products in funky ways, I decided to use some of my favorite products in conjunction with the basic Textura Paste on a hunk of fallen teak from Indonesia that an artist turned into a gorgeous vase. Here is my finished project!
I can hear you saying, “Debbie I do not have one of those laying around my house, nor do I have a clue as to where to buy one.” I know. But somewhere you do have something made of wood that you can use right? A candlestick, maybe a lamp base or go crazy and do the inside panels of doors on a chest of drawers. This post is all about getting creative with Wood Icing™, Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and a gorgeous stencil – getting out of our comfort zone called Perfection – and getting into Fabulous, Rustic and Imperfect.

SUPPLIES: Use the colors and stencil listed or try your own
• Stencil – I used Royal Design Studio Large Allover Brocade
• Water, containers, brushes, rags, paper towels, 220-grit sandpaper

 STEP ONE  Clean your piece with a damp cloth if necessary. STEP TWO  Arrange the stencil in an artful way. (This stencil was chosen because perfection is not necessary and it can be turned to accommodate the odd shape of the piece.) Hold the stencil in place and dip the Off-Set knife into the Textura Paste. Trowel it over the stencil.  Let dry. Repeat until the item is completely stenciled. Wash the stencil with water in between uses. STEP THREE  Lightly sand. STEP FOUR  Wipe.

 STEP FIVE  Add about 40% water to a container with Graphite Chalk Paint® and stir. Paint the surface. Let dry. STEP SIX  Sand. STEP SEVEN  Dip a brush into the Tree Bark Glazing Color and cover the surface. Let dry. STEP EIGHT  Dip a clean cloth into the Clear Soft Wax and wipe over the entire exterior surface. Turn the cloth to a clean spot as needed and wipe off any excess wax. After about five minutes, buff to a lovely sheen.

 Voila! A gorgeous piece to enjoy indoors – numerous ways. Add a glass full of flowers, turn it into a lamp with a string of white lights inside, or love it on its own!

A water-based product the consistency of peanut butter. Spread it with a trowel or spatula, then use objects or tools to make impressions. Foam rubber stamps, mesh, lace, stencils and more are perfect. Stain, glaze or paint it. Oil or water-based products can be used with it. Normally 2 or 3 coats of Wood Icing PolyAcrylic is used for protection, but this project needed only a pretty sheen so Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax was used.

One Gallon covers 64 square feet, One Quart covers 16 square feet

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