Sunday, September 1, 2013

Refurbished for an Industrial Decor Finish

I found these photos in a file on my computer and thought I would share the process with you. A few years ago I found this old trunk at a flea market for $30. It had great bones with a beautiful cedar lining.  I knew it was a great Wood Icing project and I just couldn't pass it up.  At the time I found this piece, I was really into the metallic and industrial designs.  I loved the challenge of taking something old fashioned and changing it to fit into the loft/industrial décor. 

Most of my projects require a few repairs, usually the veneers and minor broken pieces and this project was no exception.  There was a crack all the way across the top of the lid, which broke right off and fell on the floor while I was preparing the surface.  This caused a delay in progress because I had to call on my handy dandy husband to put it back together for me.  Since I have the patience of a gnat, I feel he is a little slow to the finish line but once he gets done with a repair it is nice and solid and good forever. 

This area had to be filled in with Textura Paste and smoother over.  I allowed this layer to dry. Then sanded smooth before I applied the checkered design for the metallic finish. 

I removed the raised pieces off the front with a chisel and hammer which caused more damage to the veneer.   But of course that is never an issue with an open bucket of Textura Paste around, just fill and sand smooth.  Now I have a clean palette to go with. 

I am in love with foils and texture together.  First thing I did was create my design of large squares of plastic canvass, custom cut in the exact size to achieve a checkerboard finish  I then spread the Textura Paste over the entire surface (one side at a time)  then pressed in a square of the plastic canvass  into the paste, leaving every other space smooth. 

Once I had allowed it to dry overnight, I sanded it smooth, removing all the boogers and cleaning up the edges. I then stained it with a dark color comparable to our Wood Icing Furniture Glazing Color (Tree Bark mixed with Licorice).  I allowed the glaze to dry completely.

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Next was the addition of the metallic silver foil and a clear glossy top coat, comparable to our Wood Icing PolyAcrylic Gloss top coat. The goal was to create a finish  inspired by the look of mercury glass.

We raffled this trunk off during one of our events in our Wood Icing Gallery a couple of years ago.  All proceeds went to Breast Cancer Research.  I would love to get my hands on another trunk like this and do this finish again.  If I just keep my eyes open I feel it will appear on the horizon sometime again for me.

Join me in a workshop, if this finish intrigues you and you would like to learn this and more metallic finishes for furniture and cabinetry  Tuesday, September 10, 10am – 2pm  (lunch included) for $159.
You will create the following finishes
one metallic finish with texture using foils for a rustic finish
one metallic finish with texture using foils for a contemporary finish
one metallic finish using Iron & Rust activator
one metallic finish using Brass or Copper along with the Patina activators
Call the Wood Icing Gallery at 636-536-0409 to register.

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