Friday, April 19, 2013

The Wine Tap Cabinet

I just love all the embellishments this cabinet came with.  And, I am so excited to show off this makeover.  After this cabinet sat around in the studio for longer than I want to admit, I finally found what I wanted to do with it. This was my most fun project to date! 

I had many suggestions for what I should do with this old radio cabinet, (at least that is what I think it used to be).  The suggestion to turn it into a wine cabinet appealed to me the most, but with a twist. 

Heather and I like to serve wine when we have events in our studio, but serving wine from a bottle can be challenging when we are so busy at the event and preserving the half empty bottles at the end of the night is a problem, so we started purchasing boxed wine to make things a little easier.  We place cool packs inside the white wine box to keep the wine chilled. No buckets of ice to mess with. Sooo much easier and I really think the wine tastes fairly good.  Of course, I am apparently not too picky about my wine (what the ever) ....

At one of our events, while serving someone a glass of wine, someone said we should hide the boxes under the counter so our guests wouldn't know we were serving boxed wine. The truth be known, Jack and I keep boxed wine in our pantry.  We actually do enjoy the taste, besides the two of us cannot seem to finish off a bottle by ourselves so it cuts down on the waste as well.

When I decided to turn this cabinet into a wine bar it crossed my mind that maybe I should create a cabinet for my boxed wine to give it a little  class and to make using my boxed wine more convenient and fun.  Here are the results of my idea. 

Thank goodness I have my handy Jack that knows how to hammer and saw like a pro. 
Yes, these wine boxes get hidden inside this beautiful cabinet.

Of course, this was done using Wood Icing™ and Chalk Paint® decorative paint products.
Custom color mix of  Chalk Paint® decorative paint colors Florence and Duck Egg
a color wash of Old White, clear soft wax and then embellished with Gold Gilding Wax. 
Jack installed these wine glass hangers from the hardware store.

This is the Wood Icing™  "Tooled Leather" finish surrounding the wine box spigot.
Now that we are finished with this one I can't wait to make another one. Wonder what I might find in some little re-sale shop for the next one. Stay tuned ....


  1. i would love to feature your little wine bar, its too cute, please let me know if this would be ok,

  2. This is so pretty! I've always wanted one of those little radio cabinets but then I didn't know what I'd do with it. Now I want one to do this to. I'd love it if you linked it up at my weekly party on Monday - Mod Mix Monday at .

  3. Nita,
    Thank you for your kind words and the invite. If I can figure it out I will try to link into your Mod Mix Monday at

  4. loving the blue and the function of this piece! bravo! visiting via MMS and so glad i dropped by!

    stop by anytime.


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