Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dimensional Hand-Painted Floral Finish Using Wood Icing®, A Stencil, And Metallic

Written by Debbie Dion Hayes My Patch of Blue Sky

Are you snowed in? We have been for a couple of days this week, enjoying the wintery weather a bit, but also dreaming of spring and anxious to see the yard and blooms again. I decided to venture into my studio and take advantage of the quiet time to conjure up a very simple dimensional hand-painted wall, furniture, or canvas art finish. I used leftover paint and products: some Wood Icing® Textura Paste to add dimension, Chalk Paint®, a large graphic flower stencil, and Modern Masters metallic paints.

Voila! This finish is artsy, easy enough for the snowed-in-kids to help with, and fast-drying.


FROM WOOD ICING: Textura Paste and Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint®

FROM MODERN MASTERS: Shimmer Metallic Paint in Platinum & Brass

STENCIL: Use any large-scale floral. Mine is very old and I have no idea where it came from! Actually, I don’t even think it it floral, I just made it look that way.

Trowel or any flat tool, painters tape, stir stick, paint brushes

Use any kind of stiff trowel, and pull some Textura Paste through the stencil. I didn’t stress too much about getting the paste underneath the stencil a bit. We’re going for a hand-painted look.

Remove the stencil and wash with warm water, along with the trowel.

Let dry and paint one or two coats of Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint®. Let dry.

Use a small artist brush to paint on some Platinum Metallic Paint. Don’t go for perfection, just make simple strokes.

Use the Brass Metallic Paint on the brush to make dots for the centers of the flowers. Let dry.

Add some cheery house plants, and enjoy the happy soft effect in any room where the sunshine adds a natural highlight.

*We are sharing this post by our blogger friend, Debbie Dion Hayes, of My Patch Blue Sky


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