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Small, Rustic Touches In Our Tiny Powder Room Add Up To Fabulous!

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I’m pretty sure that we have the weirdest, smallest powder room in existence. It is not prominently featured somewhere near the entrance of our home, where guests can discover it. It is hidden at the back door, within the laundry room.

Blah! When we first moved here I’m not sure we knew it existed for a month. Until we had a gaggle of little girls over for a deck party. Then the magic location revealed itself as nothing short of brilliant.

Small rustic touches in a tiny powder room make it special.

Recently I got in the mood to repaint the ceiling and trim and trowel some pearl-color plaster on the walls that were once layered in painted tissue paper. The room had been a warm brown, with a stenciled copper foil ceiling. It was pretty glam, but in my current mood to lighten up, and of course, change something, it was time for a facelift.

Now, with the grey-white lustrous walls, the room seems so much bigger! The rusty, crusty custom-made mirror and sconces show up beautifully, instead of fading into the background.

I am dying laughing trying to show you how tiny this room is. I had to squat on the john and duck down to get the back wall in this shot. Love how a simple paisley scarf from my collection turned out as art.

This tiny powder room got a rustic redo, using rusty pieces and grey-white plaster walls. 

Small rustic touches in a tiny powder room make it special. 

I used one of my fav products, Wood Icing® White Furniture Glaze to whitewash a stick I cut that had fallen in our yard.

This glaze is so nice to use for lots of DIY reasons. It has an acrylic water base that cleans up with soap and water. It is durable for projects like mine, or it can be sealed with Wood Icing’s PolyAcrylic Sealers that come in Dull, Satin and Gloss.

I like how fast it dries and that I can water it down for a wash, like I did on my branch, or apply it full strength. There is also a Clear Glaze you can mix with it if you want to add open time on a large project.

Wood Icing White Furniture Lazing Color is perfect to grey out a branch for handing. 

A quick jute wrap was all that was needed to hang this very light piece.

Whitewash a branch using Wood Icing Furniture Glaze Color, then wrap with raffia to hang a scarf in tiny powder room. 

Two cup hooks and a hammer made quick work of hanging. Knowing me, I will change out what’s hanging on this wall often, based on current treasures found.

I used Wood Icing White Furniture Glazing Color to whitewash this branch. 

You can see that I have a thing for “shopping” for tree branches in the yard.

Lustrous white walls are a lovely backdrop to simple boxwood wreaths and soft towels.

Ages ago, I wound some green raffia around old hardware to make this towel bar.

A broken branch from the yard, paired with junk drawer hardware and raffia make an interesting towel bar in a tiny powder room.

Handmade rock soap is so pretty, hubby Steve was looking everywhere for the soap bar when I added this cool, jewel-like chunk. It seems men don’t like pretty when it comes to washing up after mowing the lawn.

An artsy chunk of handmade rock soap, paired with a small rose from the yard add elegance to a tiny powder room.

A short sugar mold is the perfect opportunity to add roses from our tiny garden, or anything we pick up that is intriguing.

A short sugar mold is a pretty container for fresh roses in a tiny powder room.

Another favorite focal point in this truly tiny bathroom is the cabinet doors, which were a great project that I did for Paint + Pattern.

This tiny powder room got a rustic redo, including patterned, patina cabinet panels.
You don’t have to use much imagination to guess where the best vantage point is, LOL!
This tiny powder room got a rustic redo, including patterned, patina cabinet panels.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with this little project. The perfect mixture of rust, patina, texture, glam, and um, facilities.

This tiny powder room got a rustic redo, including grey white walls.

What do you think? Do you have a weird powder room project? Love for you to share it on the Wood Icing Facebook page!

{This post is sponsored by my wonderful client, Wood Icing®. They allow me to experiment with their cool products, and the ideas and comments are my own.}


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