Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gorgeous Lacy Wood – Look Glass Tray Using Wood Icing™ Products!

Debbie Dion Hayes of shares her newest Wood Icing™ project:

{Although this post is sponsored by Wood Icing™, the idea and comments are my own.}

Wood Icing™ glass tray project.

I am a lover of verre eglamisé, or reverse-painted gilded glass. Artwork, glasses, trays. Everything! You can see on my website that I have created and sold my pieces for years. Naturally, I have a stash of tempered glass with polished edges in my studio waiting for a bit of time and inspiration. Today as I was deciding on a Wood Icing™ project I found two pieces, and this lacy wood-look glass tray is what happened. Love how it turned out.

I have to admit, often when I begin a post I have no earthly idea what will happen. I adore owner Rose Wilde for allowing me complete freedom to play. So, adventure with me and try your hand at this project. Up front I will say that I nailed it on the first try because I am familiar with all of the products. I was lucky, but please free yourself to make “mistakes” and enjoy playing.
For glass, you can use some pieces that come in frames from any source, like old picture frames. Just be aware that they will have sharp edges and they will not be tempered for extra breakage protection. You can use two of the same size like I did, and put them into a pretty frame as art – or add handles to make a tray.


Glass and Wood Icing™ supplies.

• 2 pieces of tempered glass – like that from old store fixtures, or found glass pieces
Wood Icing™ Textura Paste and Furniture Glazes in Licorice and Tree Bark
• A stencil or one-time use Modello (which I used) and a picker tool to remove the embedded pattern
• putty knife or any wide smoothing tool, rags


Modello patterns.

Clean your glass. If it is sharp, tape the edges to protect your fingers (or wear gloves when handling). If using a Modello pattern, carefully remove the thick backing and peel off. (I cut around the pattern in order to see it better.) Carefully place two edges in position and be sure they are exactly where you want them. Once the pattern begins to stick down you are often committed to the position. Gently roll the pattern down in place and burnish down tight. Grasp a corner and peel off the remaining paper. Be sure all of the design sticks on the glass.


Add Textura Paste to Modello.

Using the Textura Paste, butter your wide tool with a stir stick and apply over the surface of the pattern. I left the edges rough and uncovered just for looks. Let dry until almost completely hard. You will need to check it. Stand the glass up facing a window and from the back, pick off the vinyl pattern carefully. Let dry completely hard. Use a hairdryer if you like.

Use Furniture Glazing colors.

Brush on some Tree Bark Glaze and let dry. Brush on a layer of Licorice and let dry. With a damp rag, wipe off the glaze on the edges of the glass. Also touch the damp rag in a few areas of the design to lightly remove some glaze. This brings out the wood look of the raised pattern. Let dry completely.

Lay the second piece of glass on top and you have a lovely tray. Or, place into a picture frame and hang as a pretty piece of art.

Wood Icing™ glass tray project.

{Disclosure: This is a paid featured post in conjunction with Wood Icing™. All opinions, projects, and ideas are based on my own experience.}


  1. I can't wait to try this! Beautiful.

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