Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Spring! Tulips!

I think I was inspired by the beautiful spring weather we have been having lately! So these big tulips were calling me for this project.
I found this cute little desk at a flea market over in Illinois while on a little picking trip with my friend Peggy Wade. It had just been refinished and still smelled like varnish. I felt a tiny bit guilty because I knew it had been a total waste of his time, since I was going to paint it with
Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.

Step One:
As usual I got so excited to get started I forgot to take a "Before"
but here you can see I painted the first layer with Barcelona Orange.
Step Two: Second layer was Old White
Step Three: I cut up a poster of Tulips that I have had around for a couple of years. I was just waiting for this desk to show up to use it.
Step Four: I did the distressing without the wax so I could glue the flowers on afterward. Then you can see that I used the amazing Annie Sloan Craqueluer only over the flowers. It is a two step product, but ohhh so easy to use and it dries really fast. First you apply the Step One and allow it to dry, which takes about 10 minutes, tops. Then apply the Step Two and dry with a hair dryer. It cracks immediately.
Step Five: Then I went over the topof the Craqueleur with the Annie Sloan Dark Wax to accentuate the cracks better. Done! Took me about 30 minutes, from start to finish to do the cracked finish over the flowers.
Step Six: I clear waxed the whole thing. Then I mixed 50/50 clear and dark wax for the second coat of wax. I did wipe back with clear wax to take some of the dark wax off in some areas.
Step Seven: It was a pretty thick poster so I tried to thin the edges down with sand paper, but that didn't work as good as I had hoped it would, so to keep the edges of the tulips from coming unglued, I used a thick coating of Old White to seal the edges down.

Then I cracked over that with the Annie Sloan Craqueluer.
Here is the finished project all sides:


Close up of the top:


  1. Wonderful Rose!! I particularly like the front!

  2. Beautiful! love the Barcelona Orange popping through, and love how you used the Crackleur...

  3. Beautiful work as always! Such an inspiration!

  4. You are the bomb girl! I love you using all the techniques and products - I will use this for a class darling!

  5. Wow - really nice job. You've got me thinking about some posters......

  6. Love that you used that giant poster of the tulips! You changed it from a cute little plain desk to a magnificent one of a kind artwork. well done Rose.

  7. This is one of my favorites for sure! I feel so lucky that I get to see it in person every day. So creative and unique, definitely one of a kind piece of furniture.

  8. That is very cool, Rose! I am finishing up a poster/ furniture project as well. So Fun!

  9. So beautiful, Rose!
    Can't wait to see this in person.
    Had no idea you could incorporate a poster into looks wonderful!