Saturday, April 28, 2012

Barrister Bookcase Makeover

I just refinished this yesterday and couldn't wait to post the pictures. I found this barrister bookcase at a flea market last summer. I had so many opinions on whether or not I should do anything other than clean it up and leave it as is.  So, it has been sitting in my studio and holding all my opened cans of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint TM.  After much consternation I decided I could not live with it so plain any longer. Here is the"Before"

Here I have already applied my "Frilly Leaf" silhouette stencils with craft adhesive.  These stencils were designed exclusively for Wood Icing (TM)  by Victoria Larsens.  I am using my test stencils here, but we will have them available for sale very soon. These are free form stencils, so you can build your own designs.  

Here I am applying Wood Icing Fissure Size over the stencils to create cracks in the
Chalk Paint® decorative paint. I apply this in a random/crosshatch with a brush.  Then I allow it to dry completely.  This may take about an hour.  Depending on the humidity. A fan will help speed things along.

Once the Fissure Size is dry to touch, I start painting over the stencils with Chalk Paint® decorative paint color Antibes Green. The paint begins to crack as it dries.
My goal here was to create a vintage looking finish and allow the wood grain to show through the design.  When people see this in the store they are  confused and amazed with this design.  It is so fun to see them struggle to figure it out. 

Here is the finished piece.  I skipped the clear wax and went straight to the Annie Sloan Dark Soft Wax because I really wanted this to look vintage.  It shows a much brighter green in this picture, but I love it now! 

I am thinking I will use it in the showroom to hold the DIY, Faux Finish and of course the
Annie Sloan project books we sell at the Wood Icing™ Gallery.


  1. Nice, what a wonderfaux dual treatment

  2. Looks fantastic, Rose!
    Love that contrast between colors and textures!
    You are uber-talented!

  3. What exactly is a silhouette stencil?

  4. Hi rose! I so enjoyed spending time with you today. I linked to your blog through mine as well...and thanks again for the great class. I'm sure I'll be in soon to get more paint!!

  5. as always another beautiful piece of furniture turned into artwork!! Ya know I love it!

  6. This is a clever idea & I was admiring it at the last MAG meeting. :)

  7. Julie Bounds, jbounds_belle@yahoo.comOctober 29, 2012 11:08 AM

    Hello Rose, I just got the email with this picture in it and had to check out your blog for details. I have not had a lot of experience with Wood Icing's products, so ... question. How did you get the paint not to cover the stencil you painted? and how do I get those stencils? Thanks so much. Julie

    1. Hi Julie,
      Thanks for asking.In answer to the question "How did I get the paint to not cover the stencil?" I didn't, is the snswer. I painted right over the stencil then removed it. Once I removed the stencil the bare wood was still there in the shape of the stencil design. You can buy thos stencils in my studio at Chestefield Mall. Soon some of our retailers will be carrying them as well. Thanks for asking. Hope this helps. Rose

  8. If I wanted to cut my own stencils what type of material would work best? contact paper? Vinyl? I live in Florida otherwise I would def buy yours, but I'll keep an eye on the site. It would be much easier!